Vegan Diet Plan

As I mentioned before in several of my posts this Vegan Diet Plan is not only vegan-friendly but it is also Oil Free(ALL OIL IS BAD FOR YOU!), Nut Free, and Gluten Free. Interestingly enough my wife is gluten intolerant. Want to hear some GREAT NEWS? After transforming to the vegan diet plan she tried gluten for the first time you years. Her body can handle it now!  She even had a crispy crème doughnut!  Anyway, she still stays away from gluten as much as possible because in the past the smallest amount of gluten would cause massive headaches so there’s no reason to push it but I think it is awesome! Oh and she uses very few nightshades, very few tomatoes, almost zero potatoes (this is for me). See she has quite a challenge on her hands cooking all this for us with all the different allergies going on.

The definition of this vegan diet plan is not only a cookbook but it is so much more than that. This vegan diet plan is also includes a detailed shopping list and an entire meal plan for 6 weeks.  The design has over 100 recipes, the idea behind the 6 week challenge is Meal Plan #1. You repeat on Week #2. This show how much faster week #2. Is when you are not use to preparing meals in the kitchen it really does get easier and easier as time goes on? Then Week #3. Is also for Week #4. And Week #5. Is for Week #6.  After this you will be a lean vegan eating machine. Not really but it will sure give your body a nice Reboot and show you all the benefits to eating vegan. The gluten free, nut free recipes feel free to change them however you want.

“Insert from my wife on her recipe guide”

She has been working on developing a health coaching program to help people who are looking for a healthy way to do life. It seems people often give up on a new lifestyle because they simply don’t know how to change. It is not easy to relearn everything you’ve always known about feeding yourself. It is HARD to figure out what to cook, how to cook it, and what to even buy at the grocery store when everything is new to you. Enter my obsessive-compulsive, over-organized, plan-making self (recently self-entitled “Master Shifu”). Thanks to the help of a couple of sweet and cooperative “test-families,” I have been developing a 6-week program that holds your hand from grocery shopping to meal preparation, making the journey to becoming a vegan chef as little work as possible.”

End of life unlabeled quote:

 Preview of the 6-week challenge, click to download your copy!




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