Vegan Diet Plan – My Testimony


I was a meat eater all of my life, going into my 30’s I started putting on quite a bit of extra weight and could not seem to lose it as fast as I use to. Seemed like no matter what I tried I could not lose weight. Let me rephrase that no matter what diet I tried. I was too lazy to exercise, this is the coolest part about this vegan diet plan. I lost over 21lbs in 2 months and I didn’t even exercise. Not only did I not exercise I ate as much as I wanted. As much as I wanted of the designated food that is.

I was pretty healthy growing up and never really had any problems with my weight or stomach until College. College dorm food, that’s what messed me up. Not only did I put on 20 extra pounds but my stomach started giving me fits as well. Later I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. That’s a term the doctors came up with when they can’t figure out what is really wrong with you.

At age 25 I had to do something so I turned to SLIM FAST! Oh yeah I think we have all been there… Slim fast, drink this shake for Breakfast and a shake for lunch and a sensible dinner! Talk about starving yourself oh man that was hard. I stuck with it and I did lose about 10lbs within about 2 or 3 months. From there I had an awesome group of guys I worked with and we would go mtn. biking 3 – 4 times a week. The first ride they just about killed me but as the weight started falling off I was able to surpass just about every one of them. I was down to high school weight, lost all the college fat, rebuilt muscle and was in the best shape of my life. Then we had KIDS! I stuck with it for about a year or so but KIDS take up so much time. I guess I should mention as well we both quit our corporate jobs, started our own business, got pregnant and took on a car payment. Exercise and eating healthy went out the window.

Over the years the weight would come and go, 5 pounds here, 5 pounds there, it started to add up again and my stomach problems were getting worse. Extremely fatigued, headaches almost every day started drinking at least a pot of coffee a day sometimes more! Eating out become part of life, ate out probably 5 times a week.

I was getting desperate and wanted to try something new, my wife presented me with this vegan diet plan so I figured I could give it a try.

`After all it is only 6 weeks right? Yep, if you set your mind to it 6 weeks is nothing, you could do just about anything for 6 weeks. I ended up doing it for 8 weeks because there was a small hiccup in our progress in the middle so I extended. I couldn’t believe the results, within the first week I lost 5lbs after that it did come off slower but total weight loss in just 2 months was 21lbs. Not only did I lose the weight but I could eat some foods that would normally upset my stomach and I was ok. I Cut the pepto way down, had almost no stomach problems whatsoever, Headaches: completely gone, I never have to take Advil anymore. Last but not least I even quit drinking coffee. I don’t need it anymore my energy level is way up and I feel great.

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