How to lose weight fast


One of the best ways that I know of for how to lose weight fast (not how to loose weight fast) is to change what you eat. Hi there, it’s me again coming to you with some more great news! As you may have read in my other posts, I used to eat a lot of meat, cheese, and eggs. I switched to a whole foods plant based diet and the extra pounds seriously fell off. Within 2 months I had lost over 21lbs. This vegan diet plan is the exact formula for how to lose weight fast(Not how to loose weight fast). The best part about this vegan diet plan is that you don’t have to starve yourself and you don’t have to count calories. Did you know that 1000 calories of veggies is not the same as 1000 calories of meat, cheese, eggs, or milk? For starters, please review the pictures below:

This hamburger is approximately the same amount of calories as the basket of veggies on the right. WOW! That’s a lot of veggies! Not sure about the veggies, but I do know for a fact that this hamburger is about 1,420 calories!


1400 calorie hamburgerbasket-of-vegetables


My second point gets a little technical. Different foods get digested differently within your body. For instance, the composition of the macronutrients in meat is primarily protein and fat so your body can’t digest it quickly. Another helpful nutrient not found in meat is fiber, which is extremely important for the digestive system. It is proven that your digestive system works a lot harder in order to process animal products than fruits and veggies. As the meat is being digested, your body continues to work to break it down, but because it is taking longer your body starts to store some of it as fat cells for later. Your body needs protein and fat, but any excess of protein and fat that your body doesn’t need it ends up storing as fat cells for later.

With veggies and fruit, the composition of the macronutrients is such that it is mostly carbohydrates with varying amounts of fat and protein (yes, veggies do have protein).

Unlike animal products, veggies are loaded with fiber. Veggies and fruit are so much easier for your digestive system that everything gets processed and passed through extremely quickly. This is exactly how to lose weight fast(not how to loose weight fast), if you try this vegan diet plan you will notice that your visits to the bathroom will increase, especially at first because your flushing out your system and everything is working like it is supposed to.

Food that is in your body longer gets toxic and causes blockage and poor nutrient absorption. With the toxins not passing through as quickly, it can cause other problems and actually get into your bloodstream instead of passing through.

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