Hello there, my name is Steve and I have decided to start this blog and share my food story with you. I want to try and reach people that want to be properly informed of the dangers of the food that we typically eat. Let me rephrase that: The foods that we eat too much of, i.e. Not in moderation. I remember when I was a kid and a chunk of meat was used to flavor the beans. Now it seems like meat is the main course. When I was a kid meat was given in small portion. Now it seems that the steak is not a steak unless it takes up the entire plate. I could go on and on but seriously meat / animal products have taken over the food industry and everything is centered around meat.

Being a native of Idaho and living here my entire life I grew up in a family of hunters. Dad, Mom, Brothers and Sisters everybody hunted. As a matter a fact pretty much the only meat we ate was Venison or Elk. On a very rare occasions we might have hamburger or chicken but for the most part if we didn’t fill our tags that year we went without meat. When I was 10 we moved to a small farm were we raised chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, sheep, pigs, goats and cows. We didn’t raise all these animals at once and some of them were pets of course but we tried a little bit of everything. 

The reason I mention all of this is just so you understand where I come from. It is hard for me to give up meat, cheese, and eggs. I love this stuff, I still eat it on occasion but the occasions are becoming few and far between as I realize what I am doing to my body. This blog is written for informational purposes, I am here to write about my journey with this vegan diet plan. I was extremely skeptical at first but the results are too good not to talk about. In this journey you won’t find a lot of recipes, you won’t find what to buy or how to cook it. You will find what to expect and how to overcome some of the temptations while transforming your body to vegan. If you want some of the best vegan recipes on the planet, what to buy, how to prepare and how to cook for the perfect vegan diet plan visit Life Unlabeled.com

www.Lifeunlabeled.com was developed by my wife and is loaded with a lot better content as far as what a whole foods plant based diet is? Why most people are skeptical of changing to a whole foods plant based diet. Why people resist and how to overcome. Where protein comes from and how protein in meat is really not necessary if you are eating the right mixture of fruits and veggies! She has excellent vegan recipes listed all over the site and she is always adding new ones. You don’t have to buy the eBook but seriously when you are done here you should definitely check out her site.


Vegan Diet Plan – 6 Week Challenge!

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