30 Day Diet Plan – Why Not Vegan?


I have tried so many different diet plans but nothing has worked better than this Vegan diet plan. I have a challenge for you if you are up for it. My recommendation to you is if you are looking for the perfect 30 day diet plan then you should try our vegan cookbook for your 30 day diet plan. This vegan cookbook has over 100 meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner for 3 weeks so for the 30 day diet plan just repeat the first week giving you 30 days with this diet plan. I guarantee you will lose more weight with this vegan diet plan then you have every lost in 30 days before.

The GREAT NEWS! You don’t have to starve yourself, honestly this isn’t even really a diet, and you won’t feel like this is a diet. It is a life style change that will change your life for the better forever.

If you try this for 30 day’s you will begin to feel better, your body will begin to flush out toxins that have built up in your system over the years. This lifestyle is a whole foods, plant based diet. If you do some research on some of the different 30 day diet plans you will find that vegan is the way to go. Below is some great information I have acquired from a great documentary called Forks over Knives.

Did you know in the beginning of the 20th century that on average each person was consuming 120lbs of meat annually? Obviously some people ate more than others however the meat consumption of the U.S. was @ approximately 120lbs per person per year. If you think about it, that is not very much meat for one person for the entire year. Over the years this number began to increase and by 2007 it had almost doubled just in the U.S. The meat consumption per person was up around 223lbs per person per year. Not just meat consumption but all animal products. Dairy, in the 1900’s was at about 300lbs per person, by the year 2000 that doubled to approximately 605lbs per person. That’s a lot of milk and cheese! Milk is like drinking liquid flesh, honestly after doing some research on cow milk it is not very good for you. Yes it is full of calcium which is good for your bones however because it is loaded with calcium and not magnesium it can cause a reverse effect. Calcium and magnesium are both needed to strengthen your bones. If too much calcium enters your body and is not balanced then it has been known to steal magnesium from your bones causing counterproductive results.

What is very interesting about the research on Calcium needing magnesium to be productive? In a whole foods plant based diet not only is there plenty of calcium in veggies but there is also the perfect proportion of magnesium to produce very productive results for your body.

Let’s talk now about meat, what is meat for? Yep you nailed it Protein! Everybody knows that. There is actually plenty of protein found in whole foods, plant based products. The average American gets about 400% more protein then they need according to Food Inc. In the 1960’s heart disease was on the rise and we didn’t know why. Doctors were finding that cholesterol levels were off the charts. The Cholesterol levels come to find out where the cholesterol’s that you find in meat, milk, cheese and eggs. The cholesterol from animal products unlike the cholesterol found in whole foods they were finding out it was staying in the blood stream longer. Which takes us back to one of my previous posts about “How to lose weight fast” as quoted “the composition of the macronutrients in meat is primarily protein and fat so your body can’t digest it quickly.” Creating the buildup of cholesterol causing future heart problems. Please sign up for more post but in the meantime please try this vegan cookbook for your 30 day diet plan. You will not be disappointed I promise.

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