Models and Ultimate Fighters on a vegan diet plan

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Models, Boxers, Bodybuilders & Ultimate Fighters on a Vegan Diet Plan

Many people, in a variety of careers, have found that the Vegan diet plan can work for them, no matter their career field and that this lifestyle is just as easy to maintain in their line of work; as well as, found it to even excel their career. Models, boxers, body builders, and even UFC fighters live very healthy lives and maintain successful careers while choosing the Vegan lifestyle.

Model, Anthony Anderson said on the Huffington post, that after only two weeks “…I felt so amazing that I could never go backs again.” And he believes “…it has the most nutrition…” As a model Anderson has to maintain a tone physique and has no problem doing so, as he gains plenty of raw protein coupled with consistent exercise. (Great article here about raw protein in whole foods plant based here at Matter of fact, (according to Nubry), the Vegan diet on the go has become very popular lately amongst many Victoria Secret models such as, Lily Aldridge, Erin Heatherton, Karolina Kurkova… and more. As models, they live a very busy lifestyle and found that the vegan diet not only works great to not only help them survive fashion week, but keeps them healthy on a full time basis while maintaining their desired weight.

Marzia Prince is unique, as she is not only a bodybuilder, but a professional fitness model as well. According to an interview on Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness, she had adopted the vegan diet to help her deal with her food allergies, but has now found this to be one of the best benefits for her personally and in regards to her career. She feels relieved to not have to go through the vicious cycle of vigorous dieting before a competition and then after, was left feeling fatigued and hungry, which than led to binge eating and unwanted weight gain.

`Mac Danzig, Winner of the Ultimate Fighter (Season 6), despite years of criticism and skepticism among peers he maintains a Vegan lifestyle and has for many years. According to an article on UFC, Danzig started this lifestyle 8 years ago and just recently has been met with more acceptance over his decision to eat Vegan. The biggest misconception he addresses with athletes is the need they feel for large amounts of protein in order to gain and maintain muscle. He says the same can be accomplished with a vegan diet, as it is less about protein and more about a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.  (Great article here about raw protein in whole foods plant based here at

Cam Awesome, extreme heavyweight and amateur boxer, who even won the Arnold Classic Super Heavyweight title in 2003, credits a lot of his success in his career to living a Vegan lifestyle. Unlike Awesome who started his Vegan diet to lose weight; Austin Aries, American Pro Wrestler, pursued a Vegan lifestyle after seeing studies, research and documentaries on the corporate food system of America. Aries states, “As I continued on my journey and became more aware and educated on the corporate food system I’ve made better choices” (Great Vegan Athletes).

All in all, there are numerous people, working in many different types of career, discovering the success of living a Vegan lifestyle. All of their reason, careers and personal goals are different, but their success and overall satisfaction and success are very synonymous with each other.