Vegan Diet Plan – My Testimony


I was a meat eater all of my life, going into my 30’s I started putting on quite a bit of extra weight and could not seem to lose it as fast as I use to. Seemed like no matter what I tried I could not lose weight. Let me rephrase that no matter what diet I tried. I was too lazy to exercise, this is the coolest part about this vegan diet plan. I lost over 21lbs in 2 months and I didn’t even exercise. Not only did I not exercise I ate as much as I wanted. As much as I wanted of the designated food that is.

I was pretty healthy growing up and never really had any problems with my weight or stomach until College. College dorm food, that’s what messed me up. Not only did I put on 20 extra pounds but my stomach started giving me fits as well. Later I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. That’s a term the doctors came up with when they can’t figure out what is really wrong with you.

At age 25 I had to do something so I turned to SLIM FAST! Oh yeah I think we have all been there… Slim fast, drink this shake for Breakfast and a shake for lunch and a sensible dinner! Talk about starving yourself oh man that was hard. I stuck with it and I did lose about 10lbs within about 2 or 3 months. From there I had an awesome group of guys I worked with and we would go mtn. biking 3 – 4 times a week. The first ride they just about killed me but as the weight started falling off I was able to surpass just about every one of them. I was down to high school weight, lost all the college fat, rebuilt muscle and was in the best shape of my life. Then we had KIDS! I stuck with it for about a year or so but KIDS take up so much time. I guess I should mention as well we both quit our corporate jobs, started our own business, got pregnant and took on a car payment. Exercise and eating healthy went out the window.

Over the years the weight would come and go, 5 pounds here, 5 pounds there, it started to add up again and my stomach problems were getting worse. Extremely fatigued, headaches almost every day started drinking at least a pot of coffee a day sometimes more! Eating out become part of life, ate out probably 5 times a week.

I was getting desperate and wanted to try something new, my wife presented me with this vegan diet plan so I figured I could give it a try.

`After all it is only 6 weeks right? Yep, if you set your mind to it 6 weeks is nothing, you could do just about anything for 6 weeks. I ended up doing it for 8 weeks because there was a small hiccup in our progress in the middle so I extended. I couldn’t believe the results, within the first week I lost 5lbs after that it did come off slower but total weight loss in just 2 months was 21lbs. Not only did I lose the weight but I could eat some foods that would normally upset my stomach and I was ok. I Cut the pepto way down, had almost no stomach problems whatsoever, Headaches: completely gone, I never have to take Advil anymore. Last but not least I even quit drinking coffee. I don’t need it anymore my energy level is way up and I feel great.

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30 Day Diet Plan – Why Not Vegan?


I have tried so many different diet plans but nothing has worked better than this Vegan diet plan. I have a challenge for you if you are up for it. My recommendation to you is if you are looking for the perfect 30 day diet plan then you should try our vegan cookbook for your 30 day diet plan. This vegan cookbook has over 100 meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner for 3 weeks so for the 30 day diet plan just repeat the first week giving you 30 days with this diet plan. I guarantee you will lose more weight with this vegan diet plan then you have every lost in 30 days before.

The GREAT NEWS! You don’t have to starve yourself, honestly this isn’t even really a diet, and you won’t feel like this is a diet. It is a life style change that will change your life for the better forever.

If you try this for 30 day’s you will begin to feel better, your body will begin to flush out toxins that have built up in your system over the years. This lifestyle is a whole foods, plant based diet. If you do some research on some of the different 30 day diet plans you will find that vegan is the way to go. Below is some great information I have acquired from a great documentary called Forks over Knives.

Did you know in the beginning of the 20th century that on average each person was consuming 120lbs of meat annually? Obviously some people ate more than others however the meat consumption of the U.S. was @ approximately 120lbs per person per year. If you think about it, that is not very much meat for one person for the entire year. Over the years this number began to increase and by 2007 it had almost doubled just in the U.S. The meat consumption per person was up around 223lbs per person per year. Not just meat consumption but all animal products. Dairy, in the 1900’s was at about 300lbs per person, by the year 2000 that doubled to approximately 605lbs per person. That’s a lot of milk and cheese! Milk is like drinking liquid flesh, honestly after doing some research on cow milk it is not very good for you. Yes it is full of calcium which is good for your bones however because it is loaded with calcium and not magnesium it can cause a reverse effect. Calcium and magnesium are both needed to strengthen your bones. If too much calcium enters your body and is not balanced then it has been known to steal magnesium from your bones causing counterproductive results.

What is very interesting about the research on Calcium needing magnesium to be productive? In a whole foods plant based diet not only is there plenty of calcium in veggies but there is also the perfect proportion of magnesium to produce very productive results for your body.

Let’s talk now about meat, what is meat for? Yep you nailed it Protein! Everybody knows that. There is actually plenty of protein found in whole foods, plant based products. The average American gets about 400% more protein then they need according to Food Inc. In the 1960’s heart disease was on the rise and we didn’t know why. Doctors were finding that cholesterol levels were off the charts. The Cholesterol levels come to find out where the cholesterol’s that you find in meat, milk, cheese and eggs. The cholesterol from animal products unlike the cholesterol found in whole foods they were finding out it was staying in the blood stream longer. Which takes us back to one of my previous posts about “How to lose weight fast” as quoted “the composition of the macronutrients in meat is primarily protein and fat so your body can’t digest it quickly.” Creating the buildup of cholesterol causing future heart problems. Please sign up for more post but in the meantime please try this vegan cookbook for your 30 day diet plan. You will not be disappointed I promise.

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Vegan diet plan testimony #3


My Mom is a great testimony on how well this vegan diet plan works. She has had stomach problems off and on for the last 10 years. She has had 3 different surgery’s and they still don’t fix the problem. The keep taking things out of her stomach that they claim she doesn’t really need anyway. Urrghh! Anyway, she tried gluten free for quite a while but it only fixed her up for a while an the stomach pains would come back. She use to get sick all the time as well, at least once a month she was sick throwing up or some kind of virus. About 3 months ago we talked her into trying the vegan diet plan and she has not stopped trying it since. She loves it! She is our spokes person in our home town!

Everything in her life has improved, she lost about 8lbs which she hadn’t done in a while, not that she really has a lot to loose but like I said in a previous post it kind of just regulates your body. She is almost never sick any more, and no more stomach problems. It is amazing how this works so well time and time again. We have a really good test candidate coming up that I will be adding to these posts as well. My little brother is 6ft and about 280lbs. He has been trying different programs throughout the last couple months with no luck so it will be interesting how this is going to work for him. Stay tuned for the results on how that one goes.

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Vegan Diet Plan Can help you Gain Weight!


Yes, you read the title correctly! The vegan diet plan can also help you gain weight, build muscle and overall get your body in excellent shape. It’s not just about how to lose weight fast you can also regulate your body and add weight and build muscle. My brother-in-law is a prime example of this. Through unfortunate circumstances my brother in law developed leukemia at the ripe old age of 44.  He is extremely active, hunts, plays sports, coaches sports, seriously he is always on the go. He has a very lovely wife and 3 wonderful kids. Anyway what a shock that was that he had developed leukemia. Poor guy through a very busy time in there life as the leukemia was spreading and taking over his body he had lost over 20lbs within about 8 months.  After getting the diagnostic of leukemia it all made since why he hadn’t been feeling good and why he had lost so much weight.

Of course he began treatment for the leukemia right away to see what the best approach was and get this cancer stopped.  As they began there long journey of treatments, doctor appointments and best case scenarios one of the first things they really needed to do is put some weight back on. They began looking for food recipes that would be healthy but also help put some weight back on his bones. They tried quite a few different things but they were not happy with the results. One night we had them over for dinner and as we went through all the pros and con’s of eating vegan they decided to give it a try. #1. A whole foods plant based diet not only has been known to slow down cancer growing cells but it has also been known to reverse the cell growth and they will actually shrink. #2. Once the body begins to function correctly and absorb more nutrients then theoretically your weight will equalize. You will lose weight if you need to lose weight or you will gain weight if you need to gain weight.

In this case my brother-in-law was able to gain 20lbs back within 2 months of being on the vegan diet plan. Not only did he put the weight that he needed back on but he also excelled in the chemo therapy that he as doing. I don’t want to say this was all to do with the vegan diet but I do believe it help. My belief is that it has to do with prayer, there were so many people praying for healing for my brother-in-law and it just doesn’t get any better then that. With each appointment his active cancer count went down quicker then expected and now as of today he is cancer free! Praise the Lord!  The only bummer is that he does still have to stay on the oral chemo possible for the rest of his life.

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Vegan Diet Plan Testimony #2


We have some friends at church that were a little over weight and not only that but they had quite a few little medical issues. So we sat down with them and went over the vegan diet plan. This is exactly what developed the entire 100 page ebook that my wife wrote. We let them know how well it had worked for me and how even our kids were loving it. As a matter a fact they were worried about there kids eating veggies. Seriously it is hard enough getting your kids to eat anything let alone a pile of veggies. They figured there kids were going to probably fight them but they would give it a shot anyway. They decided to go for it and eat nothing but vegan at least for the 6 weeks. Turns out that the wife lost more weight with this vegan diet plan then she has every lost with any other diet. The husband lost over 36lbs last I check and not only that but there kids love it. I am sure it is still a hassle from time to time but for the most part it isn’t any worse then it use to be.

I should qualify a few things here. I can’t remember exactly how much the husband lost within the first 6 weeks but I thing it was around 22lbs. they continued on after this and made it there life style. I think it has been about 8 months and that’s were the 36lbs. comes into play. Whats really cool is the wife has been able to get off the medication after being on the diet. I think it was a rash of some sort on her hands, not sure what medical condition it was but after going on the diet she was able to stop the meds.

Finally after some convincing the the vegan diet plan was the way to go they got there farther on the vegan diet plan and he was able to stop taking 3 different heart medications. Again sorry to be so vague on the details I am just trying to write down what I heard.

Speaking of heart medications my father in law just had heart surgery about  a year ago and he was on about 5 different pills to regulate blood, heart beat, blood cells ect. Can’t remember what all but visit after visit he could not get off the meds. Well he started on the vegan diet plan and within 3 months he was able to get rid of almost all meds. He was so excited!

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Vegan Diet Plan Testimony #1


You have already heard from me in several posts and my about page. I want to share some astonishing results that just came in from my older brother. He is more of a avid hunter then I am and he loves his meat. As a matter a fact he has been living up in Alaska off and on for about 4 years so he has also turned into quite the seafood eater. Anyway, I never thought I would get him to try the 6 week challenge and eat the vegan diet plan.

When he was in Alaska he did a post on face book about 1 month before he left and somebody mentioned that he was looking rather large. He realized he had put on a few pounds but he didn’t realize how much. As he checked the scale he was larger then he had ever been before. He was 250lbs. For years his normal weight was right around 205 maybe 215 so this was pretty big for him. He felt pretty bad so he began eating less and started exercising before he left Alaska. He ended up dropping about 10lbs before he arrived back to his home state of Idaho.

About a week later I was talking about the vegan diet plan that my wife had created and how she had determined that 6 weeks was kind of the magic number for giving your body a good cleanse but not making it to impossible.  The longer the better but you need to give people a reasonable challenge but also long enough to see results. Anyway, I couldn’t believe it within about an hour or he decided to do it. I couldn’t believe it he went into this thing and gave it 100%. Even @ hunting season non the less!  It is hard to to eat a whole foods plant based diet during hunting season. I remember years ago all we use to pack was deer jerky and string cheese.

Keep in mind these results are also with exercise, he was eating vegan and also exercising, I believe his exercise regiment consisted of a couple sets of push-ups, some crunches, pull-ups and about 15-20 minutes on the elliptical. The first week over 5lbs, the second week 5 more pounds. He was shedding pounds like crazy and the coolest part is with this vegan diet plan you can eat as much as you want. He was eating about 5 meals a day but sticking to all the recommended meal plans as outline in my wife’s eBook. He ended up loosing 23lbs in 6 weeks!  He has now gone back to eating some meat but for the most part feels so much better not eating it that he has changed his life style forever. He is down to 216lbs! thanks to this vegan diet plan. You have to check it out. Trust me this is the way to go. Enjoy!  I will have more and testimonies about the vegan diet plan coming your way!

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How to lose weight fast


One of the best ways that I know of for how to lose weight fast (not how to loose weight fast) is to change what you eat. Hi there, it’s me again coming to you with some more great news! As you may have read in my other posts, I used to eat a lot of meat, cheese, and eggs. I switched to a whole foods plant based diet and the extra pounds seriously fell off. Within 2 months I had lost over 21lbs. This vegan diet plan is the exact formula for how to lose weight fast(Not how to loose weight fast). The best part about this vegan diet plan is that you don’t have to starve yourself and you don’t have to count calories. Did you know that 1000 calories of veggies is not the same as 1000 calories of meat, cheese, eggs, or milk? For starters, please review the pictures below:

This hamburger is approximately the same amount of calories as the basket of veggies on the right. WOW! That’s a lot of veggies! Not sure about the veggies, but I do know for a fact that this hamburger is about 1,420 calories!


1400 calorie hamburgerbasket-of-vegetables


My second point gets a little technical. Different foods get digested differently within your body. For instance, the composition of the macronutrients in meat is primarily protein and fat so your body can’t digest it quickly. Another helpful nutrient not found in meat is fiber, which is extremely important for the digestive system. It is proven that your digestive system works a lot harder in order to process animal products than fruits and veggies. As the meat is being digested, your body continues to work to break it down, but because it is taking longer your body starts to store some of it as fat cells for later. Your body needs protein and fat, but any excess of protein and fat that your body doesn’t need it ends up storing as fat cells for later.

With veggies and fruit, the composition of the macronutrients is such that it is mostly carbohydrates with varying amounts of fat and protein (yes, veggies do have protein).

Unlike animal products, veggies are loaded with fiber. Veggies and fruit are so much easier for your digestive system that everything gets processed and passed through extremely quickly. This is exactly how to lose weight fast(not how to loose weight fast), if you try this vegan diet plan you will notice that your visits to the bathroom will increase, especially at first because your flushing out your system and everything is working like it is supposed to.

Food that is in your body longer gets toxic and causes blockage and poor nutrient absorption. With the toxins not passing through as quickly, it can cause other problems and actually get into your bloodstream instead of passing through.

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